Characteristics and Service Contents


One-stop service 
Service rendered by professional counsellors / registered social workers
Family-oriented approach of intervention
Application of multi-counselling models
Supported by a team of consultants from various professions

 Service Contents

Individual / Couple / Family Counselling
Treatment / Support Group
Debt Rearrangement
Email Counselling
Helpline Counselling
Gamblers’ Counselling Information
Emotion Support
Family Reconstruction
Volunteer Service
Community Prevention Education
Certified Gambling Counsellors Training

 Consultant Team

Prof . Chan Yuk Chung
Dr. Jonathan F.M. Choi
Dr. Chung Kim Wah
Prof. Sing Lee
Mr. Lee Kwong Yiu, Philip
Mr. Lawrence S. K. Lee
Prof. Lo Tit Wing
Prof. Ma Lai - chong, Joyce
Mr. Pierre, C.Y. Sun
Mr. Thomas, L.C. Tse
Prof. Yip Kam - sing
Mr. Warren BILLER
Mr. John Poon
Dr. Ben K.L. Cheung

Mr. Edward Kwan
Dr. Dominic T.S. Lee
Dr. Vitus, W.H. Leung
Mr. Lo Yip Tong
Mr. Eric Y.P. Siu
Dr. Paul Tam
Mr. Karmen Tsui
Prof. Catherine So - kum Tang 

Dr. Jacques BOULET

Dr. Chu Chi Keung
Mr. Ivan T. Y. Yau