"Eight" Gambling Screen

  • 1.

    Sometimes I've felt depressed or anxious after a session of gambling.

  • 2.

    Sometimes I've felt guilty about the way I gamble.

  • 3.

    When I think about it, gambling has sometimes caused me problems.

  • 4.

    Sometimes I've found it better not to tell others, especially my family, about the amount of time or money I spend gambling.

  • 5.

    I often find that when I stop gambling I've run out of money.

  • 6.

    Often, I get the urge to return to gambling to win back losses from a past session.

  • 7.

    Yes, I have received criticism about my gambling in the past.

  • 8.

    Yes, I have tried to win money to pay debts.

Note:The accuracy of the assessment questionnaire needs to be discussed with the counselor
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