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    How should the family members face with problem / pathological gambler?

    When we are sick, we need to consult doctors. By following their advice, we can recover from the illness. Appling the same rule to the problem / pathological gamblers, they are also suffering from the “illness” of uncontrollable gambling. After they have received professional counseling to abstain from gambling and advised to repay the debt, their “illness” can be recovered. As their family members we need to seek help immediately. Only helping them to repay the debt is not a correct approach for their recovery.

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    How to manage problem / pathological gambler's finance?

    If possible, all gamblers’ finance are handled by their family members. This temporary method is to let them have no money to gamble. If gamblers have made improvement after counselling, they can re-handle their finance.

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    How to live with gamblers?

    To live with gamblers require your assertiveness in finance control, your patience to endure their unreasonable accusations, your courage to express your feelings towards their gambling behavior and your eagerness to bring them for counselling.

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    How to lead problem / pathological gambler seeking counselling?

    Family members can let the gamblers aware the consequence of gambling. Please do not repay the debts for the gamblers. Otherwise, they cannot be fully held responsible for their behavior.

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    If gamblers do not quit gambling, what can I do?

    Family member must seek help immediately and learn how to protect themselves including financial issues. You give a clear signal that you will not help them unless they stop gambling. It maks the gamblers to have self-reflection about his gambling behaviour and seek professional help.

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    Do family members pay for gamblers' debt?

    The best way is to let gamblers to do it. You can pay for their living. It aims to let them know how to bear the consequences of gambling and know the values of money. It can be a valuable experience for gamblers.

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