Gamblers Go Back

Translated by Patrick Tse


Former Gambling Status:

I was born in a poor family 40 years ago. Although we were poor, I still had a happy childhood. My father never engaged in gambling and he was a hard-working father.


Influence of gambling on me and my family:

Although I had a happy childhood, I did not treasure it. When I was fifteen years old, I left school and started to earn my living in society. I learned playing mahjong and other forms of gambling. This made my parents worry so much.


My former feeling:

I never cared for they felt. I only cared for what I felt which was happy. I could not extricate myself. Then I married and my wife advised me not to gamble. For the sake of my family, I determined to abstain from gambling and sought help from CAGCC.


How do they help me? :

The counselor told me that it was a waste of money and time in gambling. If I invested those money and time in my family, it would be a better-off.


What is the change relating to my family members:

First of all, my life view has changed. I find much laughter in the family. My wife and children become friendly both in attitude and tune.


Our present feelings:

Our relationship is better. My children are willing to talk to me more and I understand them better.



I can share the school life with them. My role has changed from father to friend.



I only have one friend but that is enough for me because I only want the good. friend. He also blesses me for successfully abstain from gambling.


My expression to CAGCC or counselor:

I specially thank Ms Tsui that she let me understand I was wasting time and money in gambling and I would lose my family at last. She has explained and analyzed a lot for me during those days.


My advice to those gamblers and their families:

The gamblers should be determined to abstain from gambling. To come across some difficulties is inevitable but our determination is a must for success. Don't spoil ourselves. Your families should give you chance and pardon you once you turn over a new leaf.


My wish to my family:

I wish I would be in status quo forever!

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