Gamblers Go Back

Translated by Patrick Tse


Dear Supervisor,


How are you?


I was a gambler of great debts and was about to commit suicide. My life was saved by the staff of your Centre and thus let me realize that life is the most precious and it means nothing without life.


Now, I write this letter to give special thanks to your staff , Mr. Lau, who paid much concern to me , kept close contact with me and found every possible institution providing shelter for me. Besides, the institution also enlightened and took care of me in every aspect.


I remembered that though My Lau was having high fever at home one day, he still phoned me all the time and liaised the institution concerned to follow my case as soon as possible. This is exactly the most impressive moment that I never forget in my life.


After a period of time, Mr. Lau's sincere and dedicated performance always wander in my mind.


In addition, under your caring guidance, your staff have been a team of enthusiastic, responsible and devoted counselors. They never give up and lead the clients on the right track again. This is the exact positive spirit that deserve much praise!


Thank you very much.


Please pass on the following letter to Mr. Lau.



28th July. 

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