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My husband had been gambled for more than 20 years. He mainly gambled on horse races and he often betted on soccer and mark-six. The most important thing in his life was gambling and he did not have other interest. It seemed that he was living for gambling only, and his life was meaningless. Every horseracing day, he would stick on the television and the newspaper for getting gambling information and result. If he lost, he would lose his temper and usually argued with us, and it affected the harmony of the whole family.


Ten years ago, his gambling behaviour became aggravated. He was addicted to horseracing gambling and even gambled by borrowing money from credit cards. Then, he owed the bank a huge amount of debt and had to mortgage our house for paying the debts. However, he still continued to gamble and borrow money from credit cards. Finally, the debts were too large to pay back. I couldn't see any regretful feeling in his eyes, so I told him that if he did not quit gambling and we would divorce. Eventually, he accepted the gambling counselling service from Caritas A G Counselling Centre.


Then we met a counsellor of the Centre. The counsellor was patient and kind to explain to my husband how to handle the gambling problems. I really liked to thank the counsellor for her help. She made my husband realized the harmful effect of gambling, taught him to manage his money, and encouraged him to be a new person. Moreover, she also taught me to help my husband to quit gambling and start his life afresh. And then, he finally stopped gambling slowly.


After my husband has quitted gambling, his temper is better; we have fewer quarrels and he is happier than before. Our son also supports him very much. Although I am still worrying and I am not sure that he will not gamble again, I still support him optimistically. I really hope that he can get rid of gambling forever, so that he can work hard and take care of the family. I also wish other gamblers can receive gambling counselling service as soon as possible, then they can concentrate on their family lives and their works, and no longer waste time and money on gambling.

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