Gamblers's Family members Go Back



Mr Mak phoned me and hoped me to write you a letter to encourage you, but I could not write a single word after several days. Yet, I still wish to let you and each group member to understand the feeling of a gambler's family member more by this letter.


During this period, I see you are struggling in the whirlpool of gambling and striving for survival in the tough life. My heart is so painful as if a knife cuts it. I realize that quitting gambling is difficult. In the process, it seems like you are walking step by step in a dark tunnel, finding a way out. But once you are very tired and want to stop, you may notice that the environment around you is so dark, you cannot distinguish the directions and cannot see the ways. At this moment, you may want to go back to the starting point, but the cruelest thing is "No one can go back to the previous time". In this long and dark tunnel, you can never find the way out if you always look back. I still want to help you to find the exit with my every effort. When you are so sad and blue to start the journey again, I will always shoulder you and walk over this toughest path for you.


On the way, you often see some fireflies, which lighten up your way. You may not know those fireflies are actually transformed from my tears, my love and my hope. Someone says, "The darkest moment is the moment before dawn"; so when you feel extremely tired and difficult, the exit is just one step before you. If you give up then, you can never get rid of this huge black hole. Maybe you have come near to the exit, but you, who are living in the dark for very long time, cannot adapt the bright sunlight when you open your eyes. And this pain makes you go back to the dark and don't want to reach the real world again. But if you open your eyes bravely, you must see a brand new sky and a whole new world.


Chow, I cannot assure you that your every step will be easy and smooth; I cannot lighten up the whole tunnel for you and I cannot tell you the distance between you and the way out. All I can do is to wait for you at the exit of the tunnel silently.


If you cannot find any support from your family and friends now, don't be dejected and don't give up, just go forward. I do believe that under the beautiful blue sky outside the tunnel, you can gather with your family and friends again. Keep up!


I am looking forward to seeing you again under a warm sunshine.


Your wife


17th December 2004

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