Gamblers's Family members Go Back

Dear Mr. Chen,


Thank you so much for your sharing about the gambling problem of your mother-in-law. I appreciate your concerted efforts to deal with the chronic problem of pathological gambling. Though the battle has not yet finished, your mother-in-law's gambling problem is under control.


Your own story is a typical case among the cases of female gamblers. So far, we have been handling 70 female cases most of them are in their late fifties. They have the symptoms of an escape gambler who runs away from their painful reality, i.e. loneliness, low self esteem/ self worth, conflicting family / human relationship, etc. To help them quitting the habit needs the cooperation of their family members. I'm glad that you made a wise decision to help your mother-in-law.


Thanks for your sharing. We would try harder to serve those families affected by pathological gambling.


Joe Tang 
Social Work Supervisor
Caritas A G Counselling Centre

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