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The story was begun in a very hot day. There was a frog which lived happily. One day, the frog was tired and felt hot, and accidentally, it discovered a beautiful pond. It jumped into the pond with no hesitation. First it felt the water very cool and fresh, but it didn't know the pond was actually a hot spring instead. The frog enjoyed the spring very much. It thought it lucky and clever, and believed itself that it could live in there comfortably forever.


Day after day, the temperature of the spring rose unconsciously, but the frog still swam in the spring delightfully. When it sensed the central part of the spring was warmer, it swam to the cooler side. The frog started to lose its acute sense to distinguish between cold water and hot water. Then, the frog was addicted to bathing in the spring. It didn't know the temperature of the spring was rising. When it found the spring was hotter that before, it had not seized the chance to leave. It just stayed and hoped the spring would be cool and fresh as it did before. After few years later, pityingly, the frog was boiled to death.


Do you think the frog is seemed to have met before? I believe that those who love gambling have some wins experience. Gambling fascinates people and they treat gambling as their friend. When they lose, they will not give up easily. However, they have fought many battles and lost every one of them. Lingering between wins and loses, before having the financial problems, gamblers do not alert that the warning signal is on. It just likes the frog which swam in the spring, and finally lost its crisis consciousness. Indeed, both gamblers and the frog are sensitive, but they indulge in the water and lose their rationality. The frog did not believe that the spring would cause it died and on the other hand, the gamblers do not believe that gambling will bring them a severe consequence.


Actually, the frog and gamblers have the right to change their fates. The problem is whether they are brave enough and tough enough to leave the place where brings them instant joy. They have to know the true features of gambling, and understand that addicted to it will only kill their lives and make their families and themselves to live in pain.


Are you going to stay and be the frog which was boiled to death? Or choose to jump out and find a brand new world? Dear friends: gambling has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand.

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